Facebook Groups For Mental Health

About a month ago I joined a few Facebook groups for Anxiety Support. There is one group specifically that I have found the most support from. Personally it was like stepping into a whole world of people who are just like me, people who understand me and what I go through.. people talking about the same things I’m dealing with. I’ve never had that in my life before, I’ve always just dealt with trying to explain to people and ending with “you just don’t understand”, but these people completely understand! It brings me so much relief and comfort to know that all these people relate to me, and I’m not alone in my struggles. This is a very helpful thing to have, and I urge anyone dealing with any sort of mental health complications to seek out a form of support even if its just reading posts on a support group on facebook. You will feel so much better just simply knowing that there are others out there!

Good Luck!

Anyone dealing with anxiety, the link to the group I find the most helpful is below:


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